Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are your courses approved by State’s Licensing Boards?

Yes. All the continuing education courses we offer on our website are approved by the appropriate licensing boards in that State.

2) How soon after enrolling in your program can I begin the course?

Enrollment and access to the course is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! A few minutes after your purchase is completed, you will be emailed a unique password. Using this password, you will be taken to your personalized student page, where you can change your password to your liking.

3) Do I have to login from hard-wired systems only?

No. Our platform is cloud based; you can login anytime and anywhere from any device with an Internet connection; hard-wired or Wi-Fi based.

4) How soon after completing your course(s), will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

IMMEDIATELY! TECHTRAINING llc will email your certificate to you, as soon as you complete your course(s). You will also have the option of printing your certificate yourself, if you choose to do so.

5) How does TECHTRAINING llc video program work?

TECHTRAINING llc is proud to provide contractors with On-line Continuing Education in one of the most efficient and User-Friendly formats. Our programs allow you the flexibility to login and logout as you wish. While each video runs, a Timer shows you exactly how much time is remaining in that video. You can logout and log back in, at any time, restarting the video exactly where you left off.

6) Do I have to download, read, download, read, download, read your courses?

Absolutely Not! Our courses consist of narrated video presentations. Instead of reading endless material for hours, our customers can enjoy the learning experience by watching these video presentations. If you can watch a YouTube video, you can take our course. It is as simple as that!

7) What is the time limit for course completion?

This varies from State-to-State. We are continuously updating our courses and programs for various accreditation requirements. However, in no case, will your access to our continuing education program be less than 180 days (6 months).

8) Are there any hidden costs for your courses?

Absolutely Not! Our prices are All-Inclusive. Upon completion of the course, your certificate will be emailed to you. You will also have the option of printing your certificate, if you choose to do so.

9) Can I pay by check?

Yes. You can give us a call at 855-330-TECH (8324), we will enroll you and email you an invoice. Your password to access your course(s) will be emailed to you as soon as your payment is received.

11) What do I do if I lose my certificate of completion of your courses?

No problem! When you enroll with TECHTRAINING llc, your account stays active for three (3) years. Simply login, go to “My Achievements” click on “Completed Courses” and select the course, certificate of which, you have lost. Click on “view certificate” and print or download your certificate again. Of course, you can always call us at 855-330-TECH (8324) as well.

12) I am a CILB (Florida) license holder, how soon after completing your continuing education class will my Licensing Board be notified?

Within 48 hours. For all those, whose Licensing Board accepts or requires continuing education credits be submitted electronically, TECHTRAINING llc posts all credits every 48 hours. However, be aware that these credits may not appear until the State updates their database.

13) Do I need any special browser to view my classes?

No. Our platform and programs have been optimized to run with almost any browser.

14) What are your working hours, in case I need help?

We understand that you are a construction professional and may have to work on your credits at odd hours; that is why we are here 7 days a week 7a.m – 11 pm. You can call us at 855-330-TECH (8324).